Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Bowtech Heartbreaker (50# limbs) Review

February 13/13

If you are looking at a new bow, look no further! After starting out 6 years ago in archery with The Edge by Diamond I decided to upgrade my bow last year (Jan 2012). Now, I didn't just walk into a shop and buy the first one I tried (was tempting...but I kept myself under control). I tried multiple different bows from Mathews, to APA, to PSE and it took me about a year to actually find the perfect one for me.

I found with my Diamond that my shoulder was constantly sore and that I could not hold it for long. It was also quite slow, Chronographed at 202fps. So while choosing a new bow I was looking for something that was comfortable, smooth, fit me and was FAST. Now I am tiny. 5'1'' 100lbs, pull 50lbs and I have a 24in draw length...not easy to find that draw in bows that are not labelled youth. I didn't want a youth bow, I wanted a women's bow! So finally I heard Bowtech had released the new Heartbreaker. So I decided to give it a try (and the APA that I liked from before) and the Heartbreaker was the one for me. It was smooth to draw and I could hold it. It fit me good, was light and fast. This past summer I sent it through the chronograph. I was getting speeds between 239fps - 242fps. I was doing my happy dance! I noticed my accuracy went way up as well. I competed in 3D with it after I got it, before hunting season and placed in all of the events and even taking first in my first one of the year. Hunting season I was able to take my first archery deer with it, a big mature doe at 40yrds. My arrow passed right through without any issues and she only went 20 yrds.

The arrows I use are the Radial X Weave STL Hunters 100, cut to 24.5" and a 100gr tip.

I will recommend this bow over and over again to any women wanting to shoot. I am in love with my bow!

Bowtech Specs (
*From day one, we engineered the HeartBreaker specifically for the female archer. This bow is sure to catch your eye, but our primary focus was on undeniable performance, with the Binary® Cam System, rotating modules, and Octane Factory Strings. We have armed women with a bow that flat out dominates any other bow in its class. This bow is built to be as strong as the archers who shoot it. The HeartBreaker comes R.A.K.™ equipped*, so it is Ready Aim Kill right out of the box. This bow is out to prove that She’s A HeartBreaker in a class all her own.
*Draw Weight: 40, 50, 60
*Mass Weight: 3.7lbs
*MSRP: $699
*Effective let-off: 65%-80%
*Draw Length: 22.5''-27''
*Kinetic Energy: 61.98 ft-lbs
*Axle to Axle: 30 1/4"
*IBO Speed: 305 fps
*Brace Height: 7"

Comes in Mossy Oak Treestand, Black ops, Razzberry (Pink)


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